Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Walk in the Sun

I had a little walk in the afternoon today after a few hours of furious computering. The sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze. I have to hear a jumper now because it's definitely a lot cooler outside, but it's still lovely outside for a September in Manchester. Here's what I saw:

This is the view from about 100 yards from my front door. Isn't it lovely? :) If you squint, you'll see our local heron. He's comes to visit sometimes :)

I have no idea what this is, but it's both spikey and fluffy, the beginning of some paradoxical thought.

I loved the colour gradient of these berries - it really caught my eye just before I crossed a road.

There were so many berries on this one bush, it was crazy! A big pop of colour in an overgrown area of woodland.

Peekaboo sunshine through the woodlands at my Uncle's graveyard. Thought I'd snap a shot just before I started hunting for conkers again.

Here's a conker I found that's not quite ready, so there's a white patch at the top. Sorry for taking you out of your spikey shell before you were quite ready!

Loook! I found a conker shell with 3 conkers in it! You normally only get one, and on the rare occasion you get 2, but I've never seen one with 3 good sized ones in! Yaaay! I gave it to a family that were playing nearby and they were really excited too! Yaaay! :)

A mushroom! This was a pretty mushroom actually and it was pretty big. Didn't know if it was poisonous or not so I didn't touch it, but I really liked the colours on it.

I had a lovely little walk and got home just in time for tea :) Yaay! So glad that I have so much nature on my doorstep for me to explore. I'm getting used to my neighbourhood now, and it's really growing on me :)

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