Friday, 19 September 2014

Doodle Me Brollies

The last couple of days of muggy weather has culminated in a rather miserable drippy today. I spent the day indoors, doing some baking and PhDing today. I was a bit too engrossed in my work so I hadn't noticed the turn in the weather until I opened the front door to go for my evening stroll: I needed a coat. Ah well, the good weather can't last forever. To commemorate the change in weather, a set of brollies for you all:

Brolly Zoodle. You can't have too many umbrellas. :)

On the subject of my doodles, I've decided to fire up my Etsy shop. It's been a long time since I've sold anything on there, but I've finally found myself with the right combination of time and stock so now, I have doodles on sale for your buying pleasure. Yaay! :)

Day 4 - I have to be thankful for:
  • Being blessed with a little creativity, and patience to see most projects through
  • All of the weather - sun, rain, snow, wind, all of it.
  • Indoor days, also known and PJ days.

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