Tuesday, 30 September 2014

GBBO 2014 - Advanced Dough Week

I came away from the last episode of the Bake Off completely excited because I knew already that my challenge for the week would be doughnuts. It has always seemed to me that doughnuts would be a bought thing, whether you got your jam filled ones from the supermarket, the expensive glazed ones from specialist shops or the tiny sugar coated ones from the seaside. In short, I had never thought it would be possible to make my own before, until today.

Armed with my trusty recipe, I kneaded and proved my dough to perfection, timing them well to fit in with my PhD interviews (which have started, by the way, and have left me both exhilarated and flummoxed, but that's a post for another day) and other household chores. Two hours into the bake, I wasn't convinced that I had the skills to do this thing because it involved deep fat frying, and I had never done it before. Luckily, I had two pros on hand (mama and papa) to give me instructions and tips and very soon I was frying up some doughnut holes (I didn't want to waste any pastry) and had summoned up enough courage to fry the doughnuts themselves. I will say that I was really nervous but it turned out sooo well I hopped around with joy! Here's how they look:

Here they are! A little naked here because they were still cooling. And of course because the 'rentals needed the no-added-sugar version.

And here they are with their sugar coats on! Look how awesome they are! I made doughnuts!!

They had a lovely texture, unique to doughnuts I guess, and were soft and yummy. Next time I may prove them a little more because they weren't quite light enough, but I think that's all by the by. They looked and tasted like doughnuts and that, in itself, is amazing. The parents were pleased, I was happy, doughnut satisfaction for all!

I'm unbelievably chuffed with these. It had never occurred to me that I, Suzanna Law would be able to make doughnuts. It wasn't even a complicated recipe either, so I'm totally going to be doing this again! I'd like to try filled doughnuts, and even maybe some funky glazed, who knows! Today, doughnuts. Tomorrow, the world.

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