Saturday, 13 September 2014

GBBO 2014 - European Bake Week

The Great British Bake Off competition went all European this week with bakes inspired by our neighbouring countries. There were a few very interesting, and very sweet looking bakes for each challenge, which looked absolutely stunning but I knew would be too much for my diabetic friendly household to manage. So I settled with a yeast leavened cake which I've never tried before and gave it a good shot using the cake tin that my lovely friend Nancy got me for my birthday.

Ladies and gentlemen, a kugelhopf. Its roots are in Austria!
(This photo looks way too similar to the one in this post. I'll try a different angle)

It came out really well - nice crisp exterior with an oh so soft inside. 

There's my mum, contemplating another slice.

I'm really pleased with this bake. There aren't as many steps in it as other recipes, but there is a long wait for the mix to prove. I thought that it would come out all bready - it certainly felt quite bready when I was making it, but when I came out so cake-like I was just genuinely impressed! I made a basic kugelhopf this time, but I hear you can add fruit to it, or even a fun glaze, all of which will be an experiment for another time, but definitely again!

I'm really enjoying my Great British Bake Off challenge! More next week! :)

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