Friday, 5 September 2014

GBBO 2014 - Pies and Tarts Week

Yesterday, I watched with fascination as the contestants of The Great British Bake Off tackled difficult recipes to make pies and tarts. I've always enjoyed making a good pastry, but have never tried making hot water crust pastry before, the stuff of legend for pork pies all over the UK, so I thought I would give it a go!

Taking the blackberries we picked yesterday, some pork and some apples, I filled my hot water crust pastry and baked a nice big pie for tea:

Here's my lovely big pie. It has blackberries, pork, some venison meatballs and apples in it.

I thought I decorated it really nicely. Really, the leaves are there to hide the holes in the pastry, but shhh, don't tell anyone!

Sadly, shortly after these photos were taken, my pie started leaking everywhere. The blackberries had waaay too much liquid in it and I ended up with soggy bottom and a watery filling. Sigh. I will learn for next time! The flavours were good though - I was pleased with the pastry part of the bake, and the fact that everything was cooked through properly too. Next time, less moisture, a bit more salt, and a thickening agent in case it does get a bit wet!

Anyway, a new pastry learnt for future use - I might try a meat and potato pie at one point. The pastry's really nice to use and I want to see what awesome things will become of it! Watch this space! :)

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