Sunday, 28 September 2014

Hello Peel Tower

My parents and I decided to go and visit the Peel Tower today. Having had an adventure at Burrs Country Park last week, we decided we needed a walk that had a bit more of a challenge to it. We chose a path that went directly up the hill and started to climb:

There's the little sign pointing to our path! I love this because it's engraved into a massive rock! Noone will be stealing this sign in a hurry.

The beginning of our climb - there are some children coming down the path in the distance there. We passed them on the path and asked them how the climb down was and they became really nonchalant about; they had basically half slipped, half fell down the hill but they weren't going give anything away. The lads recommended a path that wasn't so steep but mum wasn't listening and went straight for a challenging road. I could hear them whispering quietly to eachother as we parted - "they'd never make it down later" - which made me laugh. We went down a different way.

Halfway up the climb, Dad takes a breather to look yonderly into the distance on an outcrop of rock.

Here's me! Such a wonderful view!

It was a lovely day, and we could see lots of landmarks that we were familiar with at ground level.

And here it is! Peel Tower! Hello!
People were abseiling down the tower today for charity - there was quite a buzz!

We had a lovely climb up to Peel Tower, and exploring the local pathways. It was a really nice day for it, and unusually warm for a September day in Manchester. When my Dad retires, my parents plan to spend a lot of their time wandering the local pathways and exploring the good old British landscape. It was a nice Sunday afternoon with the 'rentals. :)

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