Sunday, 14 September 2014

Knittin' is Happenin'

A couple of days after I had my hair cut, I realised that my neck was going to be really cold this winter. So a bundled my mum into the car and went to buy some new wool: what a great reason to knit something new!

I already have a purple scarf, two types of teal scarves, and a black pashmina, so I think I have my favourite colours covered. I also knitted a stripey teal and black scarf last year (which I will use on my lonely neck this year) so I already explored the limits of my pattern tolerance (I'm not keen on colourful patterns. So this time, I thought I'd try a new colour: blue!

Isn't it a lovely colour? It's going to be an infinity scarf! Yaaay! :)

This scarf is happening quite quickly for me. I think mostly because I've gotten used to the the motions of this particular pattern (it's my favourite) and can now go on auto-pilot, but also because I've been using knitting to unwind after my PhDing. It's very therapeutic you know, I highly recommend it. It's also excellent for whiling away the after dark hours, of which there will be many more, very soon. Anyway, maybe a finished product soon, who knows!

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