Sunday, 7 September 2014

Let's Go to the Park

A lot of people came to my house today. About a bajillion. In a bid to escape the onset chaos, I rounded up the few young people that turned up with their parents and invited them to come to the park with me. They said yes! Hoorah! This is what we did:

We climbed things

We span around very quickly on things

We pulled some painful looking faces while we were spinning and bouncing on things
(This is, by the way, an amazing photo)

We climbed more things

We ran on things

We found things (my first conker of the year, courtesy of Yolanda!)

We climbed yet more things

And we pretended to be superman on things.

I didn't get to play much myself, but was able be a playworker today, quite briefly. I encouraged from a distance and provided assistance when requested. I allowed the children to dictate the things we did while also supplying some ideas too, happily backing down if the children didn't like the idea. I watched negotiations, listened in to conversations and quietly allowed myself to reflect on why I wasn't going to interfere with conflict. I allowed the kids to take risks to the level at which they were comfortable with, which surprisingly wasn't very risky, but that's okay too. It's not often that a person that isn't your parent takes you to the park, so you don't really get to test your limits.

I had a lot of fun engaging with this little group of young people today. I'm sure I'll have more reflections to make once I've digested the day a little. It was a glorious day to be at the park so it would have been a waste if we were stuck inside. I'm all worn out from our little excursion now (and also playing host to the bajillion people who came to visit) so I think a little TV and some knitting and it'll be lights out for Zan! Goodnight! :)

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