Monday, 8 September 2014

Panda Bread!

A couple of days ago, while re-organising my pinterest boards, I found an awesome idea - panda bread! I liked the idea soooo much that I've been thinking about it at every opportunity since I discovered it, so today, after re-organising the house, I set to work. I few excitable hours later, I was super chuffed with the results:

Before slicing, it just looks like a normal loaf with a suspicious green glow. I got quite a nice rise on it, so I'm pretty pleased.

Inside the loaf is so much awesomeness - panda bread! Look at how amazing it looks!
It's slightly evil looking - some might even say it looks a little Chinese! Hahaa!

Here I am with a slice of panda bread. Gosh, sandwiches will never be the same again!

This is a normal white loaf, made with strong white flour. The green dough is made with a splash of pandan (which smells really nice, but I can't explain to you what it's like. It is conveniently green too) and the brown colour is made with half a teaspoon of cocoa powder. You can't really taste the flavours in the end, but they are natural colourings so I'm happy with that.

This is undoubtedly the happiest bread I have ever baked! It has never crossed my mind that you could just add stuff to bread dough to make coloured bread, and I certainly had never thought about making it into a panda. It's so easy, but so awesome! I'm going to add the end result to my completed pin board, and look forward to breakfast tomorrow - hmmm panda toast :)

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