Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Productivity Smile :)

I woke up this morning, put on my Totoro t-shirt, and deemed myself armed and ready for the day. Today was going to be a productive day.

Big Totoro smile! :)

I spent the day doing PhD work - some big thinking and some vigorous typing - and also went food shopping with my mum. I put out the laundry, brought in the laundry, and cooked my own lunch and tea. After my evening walk, I also watched Project Wild Thing, and was thoroughly inspired to do more work and now we're here!

Apart from the film selection, today was very similar to the yesterday, and also the day before, and many days before that in a row now. Days all seem the same so to me and it's seemed like it's been Friday for the last two weeks or so. If it's not for my blog, I don't actually think I'd remember what I do on a day to day basis that's different from the next. It's not so much of a worry because I have very little in a way of a schedule to follow. So sunny Autumn days can merge into eachother as much as I like as long as I remember to see Fraser! Haha! Anyway, more soon :)

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