Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Walk Art

So I've been going on evening walks. It's a bid to get my little self out of the computer chair and out into the great wide world for a) a bit of exercise, b) a bit of fresh air and c) get to know my local area. I decided to also give it another reason, which ultimately has become the actual reason I go on my walks:

d) to fill out my map
This is my local neighbourhood mapped out in walks. 
Probably not the best photo, but you get the gist.

Every day, when I go on my walk (or when I have to walk home from somewhere nearby) I add my journey to my map. Don't worry, I'm not some map genius, this piece of paper is currently attached to a googlemap image of my local area which sits underneath and I trace my routes using a lightbox (aka my window). I'm planning on many more walks to fill out the map and produce a multi-coloured piece of artwork with a bit of a story. Hoorah!


I'd just like to change the pace here a little. Recently, there has been a new *thing* perpetuated by social media where people write down 3 things they have to be thankful for for 5 days in a row (there are many variations of this too). When they started happening, it reminded me very much of those forwarded emails you used to get when emails first became popular, and I didn't like them then either. The thing is, I personally don't feel like I need a reason, like this chain, to tell everyone what I am thankful for every day. I basically talk about this kinda stuff on my blog anyway!

So I'm not gonna lie, I rolled my eyes a little when Angel nominated me to also take part in this chain, but then I couldn't ignore it any more when my cousin Karen, then my friend Tracey also pointed to me to announce my thankful things openly to everyone. But rather than inflict them on everyone on my social media, I'm going to write it here, on my blog, so that those who really do want to know can have a little read:

Day 1 - I have to be thankful for:
  1. Having shelter above my head, and clothes on my back.
  2. Having health, full use of all my faculties, and the ability to improve my own well-being
  3. Having faith in God that sustains me, and accepting love from God that keeps me whole.
It's a Fraser day tomorrow, so I should have plenty to talk about. More photos, and more thoughts. But right now, more sleep! Til tomorrow! :)

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