Sunday, 12 October 2014

A Few Days of Fun :)

Morgan and I have hanging out over the last few days, mostly catching up and getting work done. This of course means that I have been busy giggling and laughing somewhere off-screen. Luckily I have my trusty camera with me so I get to take photos of things I get up to:

I saw the whole of a double rainbow after a crazy shower.

I had a(nother) Eton Mess with Morgan.

We discovered a new red critter.

I went spider hunting.

We found a retro coffee van.

And visited cute shops in the lovely town of Ramsbottom.

It's really been great to have Morgan around. I've had to be very disciplined with myself and not bug her all the time. I'm just glad that she's here and there's someone to talk to about all the things I'm excited about. It's been a long and lonely Summer.

We're going on a couple of adventures this week so it's going to be very packed. It feels a little bit like we're on the roadtrip again, and it's something that I've really missed. So yay for adventures and double yay for Morgan! :)

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