Monday, 27 October 2014

A Pop-Up Morning

I had the pleasure of running a Pop-Up Adventure Playground at my church today. It was only a small gathering, but I had loads of fun nonetheless and the children were able to access play opportunities at their leisure. Here are some photos:

Here are two of the robots that were made today. The one in the foreground is made by my helper for the day. The little one was a homage robot. Hoorah!
These boxes donated kindly by Pat.

And then the children wanted to become robots.

This is not a robot. This is a ninja.

And here is the suspension bridge made by my Dad and Frank! Hello Dad! Hello Frank! :)
These flat boxes were donated kindly by Shazia! :)

A large portion today was spent running in a circle after a particularly energetic 6 year old. It was good fun and I got lots of exercise so there's always a plus. But I was pretty shattered by the end of it. It was good though and I'm pleased that everyone enjoyed themselves.

There wasn't as many people today as there was last time, but I think there might be plenty more to come in the future! Hoorah! :)

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