Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Visit to The Land

I went to visit The Land Adventure Playground today with Morgan. It was a pretty wet day so we put on our boots and shuffled happily into the play space. Here's a video I put together of some of the moments I had on The Land today:

Spending time at The Land balances me somehow. I come here every so often with friends, or to play a game of hide and seek. I love being there because it reminds me of the need to play and the reasons for its importance. It gives me the feeling of yes in a world of no, and when I leave, I know that I can go out fighting for play again. I'm looking forward to my next visit already.

A huge thank you to the playworkers at Plas Madoc, and our apologies if Christian demands 5p from you on Saturday. We can assure you that the tour is excellent, even if you end up getting pretty stuck in some of the attractions. :)

1 comment:

  1. Ideal, idyllic capture of a moment of playful peace in the Land. Thank you for this. My wife comments: "my dream playground."


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