Sunday, 19 October 2014

A Walk in the Park

This weekend, I came to London in order to conduct a Director's Meeting! It was filled with plans and adventures, reports and resolve. We spread it over 2 days, punctuated by sushi and sleep, so by the time we were done, my brain needed a break. So I decided to go for a walk.

I found a little bookshop that doubled as an antiques shop!

This was the first sign that I saw. Haha.

Loads of old postcards on a really nice display stand.

And of course there were loads and loads of books.

After the bookshop, I wanted to continue exploring, so I kept walking and found myself in Osterley Park. It is a beautiful park with unexpected features:

A lovely lake with lots of wildlife.

A magnificent building with columns!

I got very excited about the columns.

There were lots of other cool things in the park too including some very climbable trees, a farm shop and a second hand book shop! Two bookshops in one go just made me extremely happy! I only explored a little bit of the park and hope to go back again soon.

I bought Homo Ludens at bookshop number 2 (more on that another day), and also a bag of sprout tops I got from the farm shop. Hoorah!

I wish that every time came home, there would be a bunny there like when I am at my sister's house. There's something very comforting about being greeted by the hopping and scuffling of a friendly bunny. Here's another lovely photo of him

Bugsy, looking regal.

I feel like I've a very productive weekend, and I feel happy to my core. I am surrounded by great friends who support my work, and feel very blessed. Now I really have to allow my brain to rest and start digesting some of marvelous things we've talked about - onwards and upwards to adventures and beyond!

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