Friday, 3 October 2014

Dad Levels Up: 60

Today is my Dad's birthday. He didn't want a fuss, so me and mum didn't make one. Instead, I took him to the local pub for some really really good food.

Here he is! Happy birthday Dad! Enjoy your chicken wing starter!

Here's mum, absolutely thrilled with her choice of steak and kidney pudding. That's my Steak and Ale pie there.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the best Eton Mess I've ever had. Good proportion of meringue to (the most amazing) whipped cream ever with lovely fresh berries mixed in and a lovely fruit sauce around. It was divine!

We sang Dad happy birthday (in the style of Uncle) when we got home because of course, cake is no fun if you can't eat it. But that's okay, he looks happy and relaxed.

I really wish my Dad a wonderful 60th year. It's also his retirement day too so it's a big landmark birthday for him. There will be lots of adventures ahead now, and I'm really excited for him and mum! Time to explore! :)

(Of course there's nothing happening tomorrow. Of course there's no secret. And the best thing is of course my Dad doesn't have social media or go on the internet much so of course, no secret happenings could possibly happen tomorrow if he were remotely connected to the world. But that'll be tomorrow's story I guess :) )

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