Saturday, 4 October 2014

Dad's Big Surprise Party :)

After a few months of secret planning, today would be the day that we would surprise my Dad with a big party to celebrate his 60th birthday and his retirement. It had been carefully thought out - we know our Dad gets a little overwhelmed with surprises and crowds so we decided that a huge group of people shouting "surprise" just wouldn't work.

Taking inspiration from the Hobbit, we decided to get Dad invited to their friends Helen and Patrick's house for tea, and then we would all arrive a small group at a time. It would help him absorb the situation better and allow for a slightly relaxed arrival time. We siblings would arrive before everyone else, provide the first surprise and then gradually let people in.

Here's Dad and his sugar free cake and crazy firework candles.

This is the awesome cake Chris made.

And here's a nice family pic! :) I like this photo! :)

It was such a wonderful occasion. Dad made a little speech to say that the last time he was quite so overwhelmed with joy was on his wedding day! Bless him! :) We invited lots of his friends and made sure that he got to meet everyone and say thank you personally for celebrating this landmark age with him. There was great company and delicious food, and just a wonderful atmosphere. We surrounded Dad with people who loved him, and also had special messages sent from HK from the rest of the Law family! It was wonderful party and I'm really pleased that it went really well.

I'm really glad that he enjoyed himself. Apparently he is genuinely surprised and is really impressed that noone gave anyone away, especially Mum! He had no idea anything was happening so every reaction was genuine, and the surprises just kept coming!

A big thank you to Chris who was the main driving force behind the party's organisation and for her amazing sugar-free cake. A huge thank you to Helen and Patrick for allowing them to gatecrash their house, and thank you to everyone who came - you all had to keep a secret and we are impressed at how well you did! Hoorah! From the Law siblings - thanks for making this party easy by being flexible and receptive. And from Mum and Dad, thank you so much for your love and care! The presents and cards were so thoughtful and lovely - you've made them very happy! :) Hooah! :)

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