Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Five Days in London

It's the end of a very productive five days here in London. I was able to host and attend Pop-Up Adventure Play's Director's Meeting, and also met up with playworkers Grant Lambie and Adrian Voce. I also managed to squeeze in a quick meet with one of the students on the Playworker Development Course. I had some fun too, hanging out at my sister and brother-in-law's place and getting re-acquainted with Bugsy.

Yesterday, Morgan headed further down south to hang out with her folks. Tomorrow I go back to Manchester via Oxford. Today, I took the day off, watched TV and made tea. It was awesome.

Oh, and I hung out with Bugsy.

Bugsy, in his spot.

Bugsy, on his favourite magazine.

Me and Bugsy.

Bugsy. Hungry.

Now for a little bit of TV before I go to bed. Maybe I will dream about bunnies. :)

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