Sunday, 26 October 2014

GBBO 2014 - Final Week

Due to much fun and adventure with Morgan, I haven't been baking much since the final episode of the Great British Bake Off aired. I did my stripey Schichttorte and then left my Bake Off challenge hanging in the air, waiting to be finished.

So today, I finally had the time and I did my final bake - croissants!

Here's the first type of croissant I made - these had chocolate in the middle.

This is the second batch - just plain croissants :) So pleased!

To celebrate the end of the the Bake Off challenge, Shazia, Lee and I had a little get together and had Afternoon Tea for Tea! I made scones, sandwiches and quiche for the occasion and we all sat around eating our very British treats. Nom nom nom! And then we played Catan. Hahaha.

Lee brought some delicious red pesto puff pastry bites, and Shazia brought this amazing Princess Cake. It was so green and swirly.

And we decided to use Shazia's own amazing cake to celebrate her birthday early! Hoorah! Happy birthday from all of us - your cake was amazing and delicious! :)

I was seriously impressed with Shazia's handy work, and was also secretly really chuffed with my home made croissants. I rushed through the recipe a little so I'm hoping to try it again, but am totally chuffed that it came out so well! Hoorah! :)

I'm delighted that I have more friends around me who are as excited about baking as I am. Now I get to explore different recipes with them and be excited with them about our bakes. I think that the British Bake Off series has provided us with a much needed push to both explore and enjoy baking. We might however benefit from The Great British Work Out as a series to help us burn off our cake eating. Hahaha. Hoorah for baking!

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