Wednesday, 8 October 2014

GBBO 2014 - Patisserie Week

Just as I watched the final of Bake Off today, I finished last week's patisserie bake - a Schichttorte. It's a grilled cake which I was completely intrigued about when I saw it on TV but it all seemed to make sense when it was done. I didn't top it with anything because I didn't have any chocolate in the house, but the effect and the taste is all there and it made me really happy:

On the outside, it doesn't look very special. In fact, it looks a bit messy.

When sliced, oooo, it's so pretty! And so great to cut through because there's less bounce to it!

There are 20 layers of joy here. That's 20 sessions under the grill!

And look at the rest of the cake - it's marvelous! I am so pleased! :) And kind of slightly in love with this cake.

The cake itself tastes delicious but really should be eaten with something like a chocolate sauce, an ice cream or maybe like a creme patissiere. Something to give it some moisture. I wouldn't say it's dry, it's just screaming out for some filling really. I know I skipped the chocolate coating but it would have needed way more than that. Good with a brew in the morning, I bet. And if you don't like things to be too sweet, this is also a safe bet. 

The stripes though. The stripes. Standing in front of the grill staring at the cake for an hour was totally worth it, just for the stripes. Whoever invented this cake was a genius!

Now the big question is, if you grilled it, does it count as baking? :) Which part of the baking process is actually called baking? Deep frying like last week doesn't really count either is baking means you have to use an oven. Hmmm....!

The Great British Bake Off series might be over, but the challenge is still on for me. One more bake and then I'm all done. How exciting! :)

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