Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Indoor Food Trucks

Morgan and I pootled over the Pennines today to spend the day in Leeds. The weather wasn't great today so my mood wasn't at it's highest (a morning kouign amann helped though) But then we discovered Trinity Kitchen - Leeds' answer to food trucks in the rain - and I became much more cheerful :)

I've previously had experiences with food trucks in NYC, California and Oregon, but never in the UK - maybe it's a bit too wet? I don't know. When I mean food trucks, I mean, good quality, well thought out food cooked wonderfully and sourced locally ie not your average burger van. These are very common in the US and apparently are getting more popular here. But they're usually outside, on a road somewhere, and turn up near concerts, events or even just outside an office at lunchtime. Today's food trucks were a little bit odd because they were inside a building:

Yep, that's a food truck and yes, it's on the second floor of a building.

You can buy a snoop dog hog dog. It made me giggle.

Curry, pizza, vietnamese, fish and chips, and waffles were also available. What's also fun is that they change it around every so often (as I just found out) so the food is always something different!

It was great to have such unexpected choice today for lunch, but it was actually kinda cool - very well thought out and exciting! I went with Vietnamese food because I love peanut sauce, haha, but next time I think I'll have to try something else exciting. It was fun to have discovered this place with Morgan of all people because I went to my first food trucks with her in NYC (frozen yoghurt and pizza). Yaay!

Here's me and Morgan shortly after I discovered that someone sold root beer. We were sitting in the fake garden on a rainy Leeds day.

Morgan is now officially my classmate too! She is also embarking on a PhD with Fraser Brown so we spent the day in Leeds to get her all orientated at the uni, and all excited about the library. I did some PhDing today too, which made me happy, and it also turns out that I know much more about the uni than I thought I did. I suppose having spent about 3 years there, you sorta just work it out, eh?

Anyway, I'm oddly sleepy so I'm going to watch some TV and head bedward. Woo!

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