Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Pumpkin Time!

As you might know, every year I carefully select a pumpkin and carve it. Last year I introduced you all to Mia, and the year before that, Phil. This year, I was completely intrigued by images on the internet showing children with a drill puncturing their pumpkin. So I put an order in with Dad to get out the drills, chose me a pumpkin and then I was off. Mum took some helpful photos for us.

Here's the inside of my pumpkin, ready to be scooped out.

My dad came to watch me gut my pumpkin.

My dad also supplied me with my own drill. Mwhahahaa!

My dad was so inspired by my creation that he got his own and started drilling too!

He was making a big mess so my mum made him drill his pumpkin in a bucket.

Here are our pumpkins, almost finished.

And here are our pumpkins, all lit up. The top one is mine, the bottom one is dad's.

Dad's pumpkin is cool - it's his first ever! He went with big holes in a vague pattern.

This is my pumpkin, which I'm really chuffed with. There are 4 different sizes of holes randomly interspersed around the pumpkin. It looks really cool!

The pumpkins were a delight to drill through. Having only ever drilled through wood, being able fully control the powerdrill to create a perfect hole in today's pumpkin was somewhat addictive: it felt great! I might have to take the drilling to the extreme next year and do even more holes. But for now, I am super pleased with how this turned out and am already looking forward to more pumpkin drilling adventures!

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