Friday, 31 October 2014

"There's no such thing as can't" - Reflections from a day at the park

My little friends Nina and Hannah came to play today. It's been a while since they've come to visit, and they've never seen the new house before. I think they approve. This is what we got up to:

We made pizza from scratch! Nina and Hanna helped with rolling, chopping and grating!
(Yes, they are in halloween costumes, and yes, Hannah is dressed as a pumpkin. I'm so used to seeing kids dressed up that it took me at least 3 minutes before I realised it was halloween today)

We ate our homemade pizzas.

Hannah's pizza is on the left, Nina's smiley pizza is on the right.

Then we walked to the park and did some climbing.

More climbing.

We found sooo many ladybirds. Such an unusual time to see so many!

We went on the exercise bikes and got confused.

We did some mini zip-lining. Nina took this photo because Hannah needed a hand, as you can tell from the concerned face that I have in this pic. They really liked this playground fixture, which had enough risk, challenge and thrill to suit both of them!

We climbed some trees.

We climbed some more trees (my mum and their mum had joined us by this point)

And then we took a photo with the shiney dinosaur. We have named it Petunia.

I had a lovely time today, and as I reflect on it, I keep getting little flashbacks of both Nina and Hannah saying out loud at various points saying "I can't do it". And then just as surely as one says it, the other one will say "there's no such thing as can't", and then they go ahead and do the thing that declared they can't do. I think that's a great life lesson there. And also a confidence building time for Nina and Hannah, as they went from, "can't" to "could" to "can". Lots of limits explored and beaten, and lots of play today!

Thanks for coming round, Hannah and Nina! Come round to play again soon! :)

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