Friday, 17 October 2014

Two Days of Post

Whenever I hear the scuffle at the door that signifies the postman having a fight with our letterbox, I always rush to the door. My love of post is no secret, but since moving to our new house, it's been difficult to receive post. Every time something - anything - manages to get to our house, I always have a little celebration in my head.

The last two days have been joyous for me, because I a) received one item of post a day, and b) it wasn't a bill! Hoorah! Double celebrations!

This postcard is from my friend Shazia whom I have been doing the Bake Off Challenge with. We're going to be celebrating our Bake Off soon - watch this space!

 This little card is from my little cousin in Hong Kong - she's copying my doodling and doing a fabulous job! Thank you Kalin! :)

Much is happening in my house at the minute - Morgan and I are preparing to pootle down to London for some Pop-Up fun. It's going to be a great weekend! :)

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