Saturday, 8 November 2014

Cake International!

Today, my sister and I woke up at the crack of dawn to meet in Birmingham to attend Cake International - a big cake show at the NEC. My sister is a keen baker and cake decorator so this was right up her street and I was totally there for the excitement and sugar!

There was SO much to look at, pine over and admire. But nothing made me squeal with glee more than meeting Martha from Great British Bake Off, the show I've been following closely this year! We accidentally stumbled on her presentation right at the start of our day!

Here she is, doing baking demonstrations that I was busy not listening to cos I was going "oooh Martha" at the top of my voice as my sister tried to shush me.

Here we are with Martha! Yaaaaaay! :) (Eeeeee!)

Then we (I mean, I) calmed down a bit and we had some serious cake nerd time. There was so much on offer from fondant to sugar paste, cake boards to rolling pins. There were little things, huge things and everything in between. It was amazing, and sooo much fun. And oh, there were so many delicious samples to try - nom nom nom sugar rush! :)

Look at the detail in this cake decoration. It's paper thin!

And look at this homage to Avatar! It's lifesize and incredible. The detail is astounding.

Here's my sister, not being able to make a decision due to having waaay too many options.

I think this was one of my favourite cakes - it was one of the international entries for the cake competitions. It looks real right? But nope, completely made of fondant and clever cakery. Amazing.

Here's a close up cos I couldn't get enough of it.

And here's a pink and grey sheep cake.

Who has time for these intricacies? Wow.

It was such a busy, buzzing atmosphere, alive with creativity on a slight sugar rush. There were soooooo many people and soooooo many suitcases! Yes, people brought suitcases to the show to carry all the stuff they bought! We didn't get anywhere near that much stuff but I could appreciate that blocks of icing can get pretty heavy. But seriously, suitcases? I kept tripping over them. Crazy!

I had a really fun day in Birmingham today with my sister - it was our first time to a show like this and we were genuinely impressed with what we saw! I think if we had a little more time, we would have had a longer look at the cake competition entries - they were maddeningly detailed! It humbled me a little knowing that home bakers are making cakes to that quality. I don't think I could compete!

Anyway, hoorah for a great day and hoorah for super duper cakeyness!

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