Saturday, 22 November 2014

Christmas Markets: London 2014

I'm in London with my friends Fiona and Angel here to visit the Christmas Markets in Hyde Park. We stayed with my sister and James, and met Damon and Jenny here and had a lovely afternoon and evening in London. Here's what we got up to:

Us girls heading into the Winter Wonderland - a massive Christmas Market.

Here is Chris, trying on some of the Christmas wares.

We had to stop for a Bratwurst - such deliciousness!

Nom nom nom!
(Technically my second bratwurst of the year, but the first with friends :) )

Fiona was really excited to see fire at the Christmas Markets because she was cold. We were excited about it because, you know, there was fire at the Christmas Markets.

We battled through the crowds and browsed some of the shops. This little piece caught my eye - I thought it was so sweet!

When it got dark, the markets took on a new character - here's the big wheel, illuminated and busy! We didn't go on because it was expensive, but it was impressive and the queue was really long.

We decided to try our hand at some archery. Don't we all look really professional?

We eventually met up with James and Damon and went to eat in China Town, an afternoon of snacking on delicious Christmas themed food still left us room for tea! We then treated ourselves to some delicious desserts - mine was called Mango Lovers:

This had mango ice cream, mango pieces and mango syrup with sago and tapoica pearls on shaved ice. It was awesome.

I had a lovely day out in London today, catching up with the girls and enjoying the excitement of seasonal events. I wish I could have taken more photos, but there were soooo many people around, it got really difficult to move about, let alone photograph! No matter, it was a great day!

We ate well today, and I have been so excited by all things I saw and did today - I feel 100% Christmassed now, and ready for the day itself! Hoorah for the London Christmas Markets, and hoorah for a great day out!

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