Saturday, 29 November 2014

Christmas Markets: Manchester 2014

It was a crisp Autumn day here in Manchester, and I ventured out into the super busy Manchester City Center to meet my friends Damon and Jenny.

Zan next to Manchester Wheel :)

It was such a lovely day, I couldn't help but get excited about how wonderfully blue the sky was and how it matched my coat :) Anyway, Jenny, Damon and I went to the Christmas Markets to stuff our faces with delicious treats again only it was so packed that it was difficult to move! And also very difficult to take photos without people in them! So here's the only clean shot I got:

There's our giant Santa-that-doesn't-look-like-Santa! Been a good few years now - I wonder when the next generation of Santa will arrive in Manchester! :)

We took many opportunities to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere around us, and had a great time catching up. We did a bit of Christmas shopping too, but battling the crowds got a bit too much. We met up with my other-friend Andy and went to have some Korean food in a lovely quiet little restaurant ate more delicious food.

I had a lovely day in Manchester today. Even though the one in London is huge and impressive, I still like our little one in my home city. I'm almost done with all my Christmas shopping and I am feeling blessed again to be surrounded by good people. Hoorah!

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