Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Festive Snacks :)

Whenever I see my brother-in-law, we always end up talking about baking. It's a hobby we both picked up over the last few years, and when we get together, we compare notes and discuss future bakes. This weekend, we started talking about festive bakes - maybe a panettone and some mince pies? It got me all excited and I'm looking forward to doing a little research and a little baking.

All this Christmas food talk gave me massive cravings, and made today's trip to the supermarket slightly dangerous. Luckily my wallet escaped danger with just one festive snack, which I have to describe as the most Christmassy crisps I have ever seen:

BBQ star crisps. Aren't they awesome? I really love them!

There may well be a massive bowl of these next to the panettone and mince pies at Christmas. Hahaha. But for now, I will enjoy my cheerful crisps on my own as I prepare for my up and coming bakes! Nom nom nom!

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