Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Fireworks and Sparklers

My folks and I went to Heaton Park to watch the big bonfire and fireworks display. It was a very cold evening but the wait was worth it, and when the voice from nowhere (a new addition this year) started counting down, we had 15 minutes of spectacular fireworks synced up with classical music - an excellent touch. Hoorah! Here are some photos:

Here's an atmospheric photo of the bonfire. Okay, okay we didn't get very close.

Fireworks time!

The fireworks were pretty awesome - combined with the music, we oohed and ahhed lots.

I tried a few different things with the camera - this one was cool.

It was really exciting to see the fireworks. It was also really nice to go to the same fireworks display that I have been for years and years. It's a good spot to be in, in a community that I have been part of for the majority of my life. It was good to know that even though I've moved away, I can still drive back there every so often and be part of the action.

And of course, there are little things that make me feel at home, nomatter where I go. One of those things are sparklers. I love sparklers. And my Dad joined me in sparklering this year too :)

As long as I have sparklers once a year, I think I will feel at home.

I had such a nice day today. Fireworks, bonfire, oh and I met up with Nancy too. It's so good to see her. It was a good day. A very good day. Happy Bonfire Night!

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