Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Settlers of Piz-an

I met up with my friends Shazia, Lee and Dave today to eat pizza and play board games. We had decided a while back that we would make our own pizza so we pooled our resources to create some delicious goods. Lee even went all the way and created a board game shaped pizza!

Here's Shazia putting toppings on one of the pizzas.

Here is Lee, constructing his board game themed pizza - there's definitely a tell-tale shape there.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a Settlers of Catan themed pizza. Or as my sister called it, Settlers of Piz-an. 
The ham represents brick, the broccoli is wood, the sweetcorn stands for wheat, the olives kinda looks like ore, and of course the cauliflower looks like sheep. Of course. Amazing.

Here's Shazia, eyeing up the pizza as it just arrives at the table. It was delicious! And they turned out really good!

And here's a stylish photo of the game we played tonight - Carcassonne.
The little people are called Meeples. It's the Best Word Ever.

I had a really good time tonight! Hand made pizza, a new board game and great company - an awesome combination! I again feel so blessed to know these great people. And my belly was blessed with really great food. Yay! :)

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