Saturday, 8 November 2014

Stories in Print :)

I'm super chuffed today. I got a copy of Fraser Brown's Play and Playwork 101 Stories of Children Playing and it came through the post today! Hoorah! Apart from it being an awesome book filled with great thoughts from my amazing Professor and PhD advisor, it also features me in it! Hoorah!

Two of the stories I have written are in it.  Fraser has called one of them "Let Battle Commence" and was written about the block party Pop-Up that I hosted ages and ages ago. The other one is called "Street Party Food" which you all exclusively had access to ages ago cos it was on my blog!

Look at it! It's sooo exciting!

I've only glanced at it so far, but it seems to have some really good stuff in there! Stories from playworkers of all walks of life and about loads of different things. Fraser tells me that having read his drafts, his publishers seem to understand playwork a lot more now - so if you're interested in finding out what life as a playworker is like then this book is for you!

Apart from being chosen in a regional competition to have my poem printed in a book when I was 12, this is the first time I've been published in a book! My name is in there and everything - twice! It's even in the index! It's soooooo cool! I'm even more pleased with this because Fraser selected my stories from the masses of playwork stories he received to put into his publication! Yaaaay! I'm chuffed to bits and am calling it my first published work as a playworker. Hmm. I probably should start writing more stuff now that I'm a PhD student and everything....

Hoorah for being published, and hoorah for the unleashing of playwork stories into the big wide world!

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