Saturday, 15 November 2014

Three Happy Things

I've been pretty busy over the last week or so, but I allowed myself some time off today, and got some stuff done that I've meaning to do. Here are three of these things:

I cleared a space in my room for my personal Christmas tree. It's not finished yet, but doesn't it look marvelous already? I love it sooo much!

I asked my Dad to hang up my one and only piece of wall art/the ex-printing-stamp-drawer display cabinet for my favourite little things. This makes me soooo happy!

I baked something I've been meaning to make for a while - a cake within a cake, hoorah! In case you can't work it out, that's a star shaped (coffee flavoured) section in a normal victoria sponge cake. It's very yummy! Yaaay! :)

It's been a really nice day - I'm glad that I was able to relax a little but not too much :) My room looks awesome now with the new additions and I'm sooo pleased that everything looks just as awesome as I imagined it to be. I still got me some work done and that makes the fun all the more awesome too. Hoorah! :)

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