Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A Little Bit of Upcycling

A couple of weeks ago, I was inspecting my tiny treasure trove of loose parts (yes, I always have some somewhere) when I came across an empty cereal box. Looking at it for a couple of minutes, I refocused my eyes on the Christmas presents that were strewn around my room that were waiting to be wrapped and then all of a sudden BAM: an idea! I've been eating cereal ever since.

Ladies and gentlemen, those are gift bags made from cereal boxes. Oh yes. Absolutely genius.

I can't claim full credit for these bad boys because I think I saw it posted online somewhere. You can't really tell nowadays where information comes from because it's everywhere. Apologies to the originator of this idea. 

Anyway, if and when you come to make these, make sure you reinforce the base as they aren't always very well glued together for weightier presents. I glued the top flaps onto the inside of the box to give the eventual hole-punched holes some extra strength. The string have been repurposed from old un-reusable gift bags or shopping bags.

I am incredibly chuffed with these. My parents have been amused at my cereal eating, and my serial gift bag making. Haha! There was no pun intended there, I promise. Yay, home-made gift bags! :)

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