Friday, 26 December 2014

About a Bunny

I'm currently hanging out with Bugsy in fun area on the upstairs landing. He's been super curious and slightly mischievous, but altogether the fluffiest, funniest bunny ever. Here are some photos of his adventures over the last few days:

Curious Bunny

Glamorous Bunny

Relaxed Bunny

Guard Bunny

Right now, he looks exactly like that last photo - laying flat across the threshold of my doorway. We're not entirely sure why he likes doing that, but always in the most inconvenient spot possible, right across the threshold or doorway. It's really quite odd but really quite funny! I like how he eats his lettuce into a disk, and I like how he nudges people to say hello. Mostly, I like his "down-ears". All the bunnies I have previous seen have "up-ears", so this makes Bugsy extra special. He's a funny little bunny and I love him to bits! I'm glad I get to play with him for a few more days :) Yaay! :)

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