Monday, 29 December 2014

Food, Friends and Frozen

Lots of friends came over to our house today to eat and hang out. It's been a long time since we've all got together so it was really lovely to see these folk. It's actually really funny because I was so busy chatting, hosting, and making a pizza to take many photos. No worries though, I managed to get three excellent moments in photos:

My Singaporean friend Valerie came to visit while she was in the area - it was lovely to see her and everyone was pleasantly surprised to see her too!

I met this little man for the first time today! He's so lovely and I hope to hang out with him again soon!

While some of us watched Frozen, the rest of us played Settlers of Catan. Oh yes. More board games :)

We ate and talked and played and patted (the bunny) and hugged and laughed and enjoyed eachother's company. It was great, and I'm really very pleased to still be in contact with such great people. I hope to hang out with them again soon! :) Happy Christmas Lisa, Andy, Jenny, Damon, Michael, Jan, Jun and Kaien and an extra special thank you to Valerie for journeying the furthest. It was great having you all round today :)

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