Monday, 1 December 2014

Hello December! :)

I had decided a while back that I was going to put up the Christmas tree on the first day of December, and when I woke up today, I was so excited! I was totally looking forward to wading through the stuff in the garage to dig out the decorations, find the tree and making sure the branches were perfect, and then having a minor argument with someone in the house about the colour scheme. I think we all know that I love Christmas!

Here's my favourite bauble on the tree - more tree photos coming soon! :)

But that's not all the excitement I had for today. I was also really excited to be having my first chocolate out of my advent calendar! I've not had an advent calendar for 10 years and my friend Angel kindly bought me one to celebrate the season, yaaaay! :)

There's my personal Christmas tree and my advent calendar - so chuffed to have Christmas in my own room too! :)

Last but not least, today's third happy was to celebrate the start of the 6th Cohort of the Playworker Development Course. Morgan and I have worked so hard on this course, and I was really very proud today to have sent Module 1 to the 80th student. It's amazing how one little idea can get so big and affect so many people. What a great occasion! I'm so chuffed! So chuffed!

All that excitement is still in my system, but I'm totally fighting a losing battle and can feel myself getting really tired, hahaha. That's okay actually because even though I didn't really go anywhere today, I had a really nice day. And nice days are good days :) Hoorah for December! :)

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