Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My 2014 Review :)

Well well well, it seems that it has come to that time of the year where I have made it somewhat a tradition to reflect on a year of awesomeness. Last year was a big year with my 365 project, but this year was big too - the US tour and turning 30 being the two biggies! Anyway, I think it's a good time to showcase the highlights from the year - ladies and gentlemen, presenting Zan's 2014:

In January...
I baked.

I doodled.

In February...
I made a snow dinosaur.

I started a tour of America

In March...
I had a ride on the back of a pick up truck.

I had adventures in unusual places in the US

In April...
I finished the US tour with Morgan.

I reflected on an epic journey.

In May...
I moved into a new house.

I had fun with my brother and some plants

In June...
I had a visitor from afar.

I went on a super old train for Lee's birthday!

In July...
I attended the wedding of a good friend

I had loads of awesome celebrations for my 30th birthday.

In August...
I decided to do the Bake Off Challenge.

I had an epic haircut

In September...
I made a panda bread.

I went on adventures with Mum and Dad

In October...
I partook in a surprise birthday party

I enjoyed a visit from Morgan.

In November...
I met a minor celebrity.

I went to many Christmas Markets

In December...
I had some excellent family time.

I had some excellent friend time too.

This year has been amazing and I feel genuinely blessed to have been part of so many awesome things this year. And of course, 2015 promises to be awesome too! Stand by for a new 365 project, and a trip to Australia! :) Goodbye lovely 2014, and hello 2015! :)

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