Friday, 12 December 2014

Pie Please! :)

Quite spontaneously, Mum and I decided that we should make a pork pie for tea. It was a big challenge because I've not baked for a while. Also, I've only tried the hot water crust pastry once and it didn't really work out too well. Nonetheless, the excitement and enthusiasm was there so it was all systems go go go! Mum chopped stuff and watched the oven, I mixed, seasoned, pastried, rolled and constructed. Of course it's an even distribution of work! ;) We followed this recipe and here's what we made:

When it came out of the oven, it looked amazing. I couldn't resist a photo.

After a lot of nervousness, Mum and I managed to coax the pie out of the baking tin. No soggy bottom, no leaking, no sadness! It was awesome!

My dad took about a thousand photos and then I gave him the honour of slicing the pie. We were oh so excited!

And here it is! It came out really well! The pastry was yummy and crisp, the meat was well cooked and seasoned well for the 'rentals, and the egg was dead center and awesome! Hoorah!

I'm really pleased that this bake went so well. I really haven't had much time to bake recently but having this random challenge has really motivated me to do a little bit more in the next couple of weeks. Hoorah for pork and egg pies, and hoorah for successful bakes! :)

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