Tuesday, 30 December 2014

That'll Do For Now :)

Mum, Dad and I waved off my sister, brother-in-law and bunny today as they journeyed back home. There was then a short period of time where the house hummed with activity and then everything stopped - almost as if we had a collective household sigh of relief that everything now was kinda back to normal having had a busy few days.

We went out sale shopping in the afternoon and I took the time to reflect on the festive season. I've met with good friends from all over, and have had plenty of family time. It has been lots of fun, but of course the compromise is (as usual) the PhD. Still, I reckon it was worth it, and starting tomorrow, I will have my head in the books again.

For now though, please enjoy a photo of me and Bugsy on Christmas Day :) 

See you soon, bunny! :)

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