Sunday, 7 December 2014

This Weekend

I threw myself into my PhD work this week, so when I made it to Friday I was pretty frazzled. After a weird night of sleep (random images of nightmarish PhD situations) I allowed myself the weekend off. It was lovely to meander and mosey, and do the things I want at my own pace, for reasons only I know.

Well. It was Christmas shopping.

Saturday just gone was Shop Small Saturday so I decided to go and visit some of my local small businesses to say hello and to buy little presents. I visited Bury Market too - a wealth of small businesses in one location - and got a little too excited about sprout tops.

This is Sparkling Sugarcraft, my favourite cake supplies shop. I actually think this is the only specialist shop in the whole area, and I'm pretty excited that I live so close to it. I highly recommend coming here for all your cake baking and decorating needs.

This is my favourite chocolatiers, Slatterys. I love coming here around Christmas to look at all the wares and goods that they have on offer, and the amazing configurations of chocolate that you can get as gifts! I come to eat here sometimes too - the food is amazing.

Today, I decided to check out the Victorian Market at Salford Quays. It was absolutely packed, and offered an atmosphere that was similar to the Christmas Markets except a little more artsy, and a little more local. I really enjoyed all the food options, sights and smells. There was even a live choir that sang an amazing set of both traditional and modern Christmas songs. As a small Market that pops up for only 3 days, it was unique in it's own way, and I think I'd really like to come back again next year.

Look at how the courtyard is transformed, and humming with people. It was really well organised and thoughtfully laid out.

To top off my weekend of rest, I made myself a special tea - a giant Yorkshire Pudding. Mum and Dad weren't in so I treated myself to a homemade yorkshire pudding filled with lashings of mash potato made with cream and butter, and topped with peas and gravy. Oh my oh my.
I love love love Yorkshire Puddings. Especially when they're as big as my face. :D It was delicious. NOM NOM NOM.

I feel a little tired but I'm glad that I've taken some time out for myself this weekend. I reckon that a good night's sleep and I'll be ready to roll again. I'm meeting up with my PhD supervisory team on Tuesday so I need all the brain power that I can muster. Bring it on.

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