Monday, 29 December 2014

Why Don't You Come On Over Valerie!

So I should explain how my lovely Singaporean friend Valerie randomly turned up yesterday. She was basically having a little holiday in London and had a couple of spare days so she came up to Manchester to see me! Hoorah! So today I spent a really nice day with Valerie as she took a break from her break. I've talked about her before on another trip to the UK - she was one of first friends I made when I went to university (the first time) which was 12 years ago now (yikes) and it's such a blessing to still be in touch with her and have her come visit! Yay! :)

We went to my local again for food - Val had a rump steak and played with her Jenga-like chips. I had bangers and mash :)

Here's Valerie in her new hat making friends with the bunny.

And that was it really. We just hung out and had fun with my family. We ate, we talked, we reflected, we laughed, we watched Frozen (after everyone left yesterday), we bought salt (long story), and we admired the new favourite colour (mint green). It was a very relaxing, very cleansing couple of days. Then I took Valerie to the airport to get her flight back to London. Yes, she flew because that's how she rolls! Hoorah for Valerie!

It's been a lovely couple of days with you Val! Thank you for coming up to visit and I'm already looking forward to seeing you again soon! :) 

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