Saturday, 17 January 2015

A Little Snow

Today, it kinda snowed. It wasn't really snow, because the stuff that was falling from the sky wasn't fluffy. And it didn't so much float down as pelt down. And we ended up with piles of tiny little white balls that felt a little bit more like polystyrene than snow.

But I was totally excited about it, and I totally went outside to enjoy it anyway.

It's lovely what you can do with a little overexposure on the ol' camera.

Here I am - excited and smiley in the snow! :)

Anyway, there wasn't really very much "snow" to report on, so after sloshing in it for a while, I went back home to finish off the doodle I've been working on. Here it is:

Oh wow, looks crazy when you view it from a distance!

This doodle will be turned into 4 new postcards, ready to be sent to people from all over for my postcard project. Gotta make sure I have a constant source of postcards to be sending!

It's been a day of weird weather, and a day which has trickled by slowly without much being done, but no worries - tomorrow is a new day and it will be fruitful! Onwards!

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