Friday, 23 January 2015

Adventures Ahoy!

There are many adventures in the works at the moment, and I've been having a lot of difficulty just concentrating on any one of them recently to work through the preparations. But it's all so much and it all demands so much of my attention! Here's what's happening:

So it's come to the time of the year when a panel has to scrutinise my work and deem me fit to continue researching what I'm researching. It's not so much the start of an adventure as much as a continuation of a super long one, and permission to continue would really help. It has been quite an adventure so far too, because I've learned things about myself that I didn't know, and also connected dots in my head that has helped to move the research forward. My Annual Progression Meeting is next week and I'm scared. What happens if they don't let me continue. I don't think my heart could take it. I mean, I've done enough work to continue so there shouldn't be a problem, but going to a meeting like that implies that there's two outcomes: continuation or discontinuation. It's the kind of thought that completely freezes my brain, but I've been working hard to prepare for it.

Pop-Up Adventure Play's First Book
Morgan and I are writing a book. Actually, it's almost finished! But I can't quite believe that we're doing it because we've been talking about it for such a long time. It didn't ever seem like it was going to be real. But actually, almost a year after we set off for on our tour of the USA, we're publishing a tour about that journey, and it's awesome. Here's a little piece we wrote about it a while ago, and here's the piece our publisher has written about it. I'm so excited, but of course, there's going to be quite a lot of back and forth for the next couple of weeks to get the look, words and photos finalised. It's all ridiculously awesome. I can't wait til I can hold it in my hands! This is an adventure in the book world like I've never had before, and has been something I've always wanted to do. Stay tuned fore more!

I'm going to Australia. It's going to be a month long tour, like in the USA and we will be teaming up with some great contacts we have over there to go on this epic adventure. They're the peeps who invited us over, and they're the peeps whom we will be relying on to understand The Land Down Under. What an amazing opportunity!

It's in just over 2 weeks time, and due to the aforementioned projects, I feel like my excitement about this trip is a little muted. I just don't think I'm going to give myself permission to think about the trip yet - fun and exciting it will be - because I'm not done with all the other excitement and work that needs to be completed before going. Gah! I know as soon as I'm on the plane, I'm going to get adventure butterflies, but until then, it's going to be work work work!

With all the complex thoughts going through my head, and a pint of milk in the fridge that had come to the eat-by-date without me noticing, I decided to bake my thoughts straight. Here is the quiche that I came up with:

Just a plain old broccoli and cheese quiche - a parental favourite.

Now, I haven't baked for a while, and as I was rolling out my pastry, I remember why I like to bake. It helps me physically work out the knots in my thoughts. I feel more liberated somehow, just making a dough and baking a product. I must remember that for next time!

Anyway, with all that self reflection, I feel a bit drained now so I'm going to go and wind down. It was nice to get my thoughts down on paper, and work out my emotions through baking. I'll have to do this all again. :)

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