Thursday, 29 January 2015

Into the Snow Storm

I've been really panicky in the last couple of days. Partly because my Annual Progression Meeting, held today in Leeds, but mostly because of the weather forecast. "Blizzard" and "amber weather warning" were words thrown around for two days, and while I am completely unfazed by driving in the snow, I know that other people are.

So when I got in the car this morning, I was expecting bad traffic. What I wasn't expecting was soooo much snow in such a small amount of time. In the 45 minutes it took me to get from my home to the motorway, everything was covered in an inch of snow. It's not very much compared to other locations, but of course, it had caused a bajillion accidents already, and the bit of the motorway that links me conveniently to uni had become an inconvenient car park. It took me three hours to get to uni and I was 20 minutes late for my half hour meeting. I hate being late. Luckily Fraser had called on ahead to let them know that we were delayed by the weather.

It went very well. The two external panelists (?) had positive and encouraging things to say about my research. They asked questions which I competently answered without waffling and Fraser nodded in encouragement at the right times. Everyone seemed pleased with my progress and Fraser said I did good. So I guess I should be thankful at this point, that I've got this far and with such great support. It was worth the 3 hour trip after all!

All this means that I can continue on to the third year of my 6 year part time PhD, and I'm really pleased. It would have been a shame to be told I had to stop, and all of my worries from the other day would have reared it's ugly head. But it's all good!

And of course, the only photo I have to show for the day is my 365 postcard. So here it is, sent from Leeds, in the snow.

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