Saturday, 24 January 2015

"Last time I couldn't, but this time I can" - Reflections from a day with Hannah and Nina

My little friends Nina and Hannah came round to play today, and I made sure that I had all my grown up work done before they got here. They were so excited to see me when I opened the door, and once we had changed into outdoor clothes, we were straight back outside.

Last time the girls came round, we went to the park together and they had so much fun. It was completely unsurprising that they wanted to go back to the same park again, so we did. This time they were braver, went higher, and tried scarier things than last time. Here are some pics:

Nina climbed higher and faster.

Hannah tried the scary slide that she wouldn't go on last time.

We had hot chocolate to warm ourselves up on this cold winter day. It was a nice time to relax and reflect on life together. I'm kinda jealous of their coats.

The girls were brave enough to ask a passing couple of they could have some breadcrumbs to feed the ducks. They got really close and though Hannah was scared, we all still fed the ducks.

And as we left, Nina asked us if we could visit Petunia the dinosaur which we named last time. Sometimes, I can't believe how much children remember.

We went home shortly after that photo was taken and made robots, sent postcards, ate chocolate and turned my room upside-down. It was all great, but the part of the day that will stay with me the most was when Hannah said to me "Last time I couldn't, but this time I can". If that isn't a child being able to admit out loud that they have made physical and emotional progress in play, then I don't know what is. Such awesomeness. I can't help but feel a little proud. 

It's always wonderful to spend a day at play. Looking forward to catching up with them again soon!

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