Sunday, 11 January 2015

Pootling About

Being trapped inside doing PhD stuff generally makes me go a little mad, so today I decided to go out and about and breathe some much needed fresh air. My Dad and I decided to pootle down to Ramsbottom to have a little wander before the weather got too wet again: it's been blowing a gale here!

At the local antiques place, I spotted my favourite Sylvac bunny hanging out in a cabinet. This one's really big! And green. Such awesomeness.

We visited a farm shop where the farms chickens are looked after by the children! I instinctively wanted to get all of them. I only got half a dozen.

It was nice to just wander around somewhere with Dad, spotting where all the postboxes are generally taking it easy. And it was nice to be outside. The air's so much nicer there.

A quick report from the postcard front - I'm on day 11 and it's all going well. It turns out that hibernating inside doesn't help with the posting part of a postal 365 project, which means that sometimes I have to get dressed in a hurry and run down to the postbox with moments to spare before the last collection. I think it'll be easier when it starts to get lighter, and drier - I'll actually want to go outside then! Anyway, I'm surrounded by stamps and addresses and postcards and am still loving sending post. :) Here is today's:

Interactive postcards gifted to me from my friend Ric :) Postcards sent so far can be found here.

I'm meeting Fraser tomorrow for supervisory goodness, and then I will be meeting a fun mystery friend from down south! Who could it be? More tomorrow!

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