Friday, 2 January 2015

Relaxing and Restarting

I pootled over the Pennines to go and visit my friend Andy today. He works very hard and is normally very busy so I always value any time that he has spare to hang out with me. Today, we really did just chill out and chat. Nothing serious, nothing exciting, just a bit of food, some charity shop window shopping and then we hung out with his housemate at home. In many ways, this is exactly what I needed from today - just relaxed normality with no pressures and just good company. It's refreshed me enough to get home and do a little PhDing too! Hoorah!

Anyway, no photos of today except for my 365 project postcard, which I guess is pretty appropriate for today! Hoorah! :)

Another zoodle postcard from me, by me! Hoorah! :)

The week to come will be all about the PhD, and getting back into the rhythm of Pop-Up Adventure Play stuff. The break from everything has been nice but I'm itching to get back to it now. I'm excited! :)

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