Thursday, 8 January 2015

Thank You Post

I love post but for some reason, I never seem to get round to sending thank you cards. And because I don't think about them, I'm always surprised when I receive thank you cards, and doubly excited when it's a sent in the post! Today, I was indeed pleasantly surprised:

I got a little note and a little story inside a typewriter :) Yay! :)

My friend Ric (who inspired my 365 project) and his Rachel were the wonderful people responsible for today's post. I was really excited about it, and was super excited because they sent it in a relatively ordinary envelope from which I can extract the stamp. (Ric sends me homemade envelopes normally, and I never chop those up for the stamps because it would ruin the effect of the whole package.) Now I have added that stamp to my collection - hoorah! Thank you for my thank you note, Ric and Rach! :) (When does the thankyou-ing stop? ;) )

Speaking of stamps, I went to the library today for something, and totally got distracted by a stamp collecting book, which I have now brought home. I've since compared my stamps to the glorious photos in there and have had a lot of fun seeing how far back my stamps go. The stamp that Ric sent to me today is from 2008!

Anyway, I have been deliberately quiet in the last few days, trying to focus my brain and energy into writing some stuff (about social movements?) for my PhD. It's tough going, but it is going so I am pleased. So work continues and my daily postcard posting is my only relief for now. Ah well. Onwards and upwards!

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