Thursday, 1 January 2015

The 365 Project Goes Postal

In 2013, I did a 365 project that I really really enjoyed. Because I knew how packed 2014 would be, I decided that I wouldn't be able to commit to a daily blogpost documenting a play moment, so I didn't do one last year. I really missed it though, and over the course of the year I realised that I really wanted to do another project that required a daily commitment. I couldn't decide what that might be until October when my friend Ric challenged me to sending a postcard a day for a month, and then it all fell into place: I'm going to make it into a year-long thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, for my 365 project in 2015, I am going to send a postcard a day. I guess I could call it my new year's resolution! Hoorah! Here is the first one:

This is a handmade postcard made from one of my doodles. You can learn to make one here, or buy one here. Woohoo! :)

The postcards can be any type, handmade, bought or obtained for free. The key is to send one a day. They might not arrive daily but that's totally out of my control. And on days that I might be jet-lagged or crossing time zones, I'll do my best to ensure that the allotted amount of postcards are sent according to the amount of days I'm in the air. I might over-send, just in case.

I have no idea how I'm going to document this - I might just tag the photo on to the end of a blogpost, or create a new page for it. Hmmm... I have no idea. Anyway, until I've worked it out please enjoy a photo of my first postcard of the year - there are many more to come! :)

If you want to receive a postcard as part of my project, please drop me line with your address! :)

And Happy Happy New Year people! This is going to be a post-tastic year! :)

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