Friday, 30 January 2015

Travel Journals

My friend Ric, inspiration behind this year's 365 project, bought me a very simple, very thoughtful Christmas present in 2013. It was a travel journal, with lined, squared and plain pages, and little pockets to put in tickets, cards, scraps: it was awesome. He gave it to me with the words "of all the people I know, you're probably the only one who will know what to do with this".

It was also a very timely gift as he knew that I was going on my tour of the USA. What he didn't know was that I've always wanted a travel journal, but could never find one that I would like, and didn't want to buy one in case I got it wrong somehow. I think that this gift helped me realise that there is no right or wrong to journaling, and the page variety really appealed to my playful side.

So I took my journal on tour with me in the USA, and sat down with it every night to fill in the stats, and to reflect on my day. Morgan would peek over to my bed as I wrote and ask me what I'd additions were going in, and sometimes I'd share. This is a book that is very precious to me, and seems to represent an adventure that I can't seem to find the words to talk about out loud.

This journal doesn't close any more, but for some reason, makes it all the more awesome.

I don't think I journal like most people. I like making lists and drawing diagrams to represent my thoughts and experiences. And I, of course, travel around with photo corners. I'm organised like that.

When I got back, I was fortunate enough to have coincided with Ric and Rach's visit to Manchester. I was so pleased because out of everybody I knew, I wanted to show them that I had taken their gift and made something amazing from it. It was all because of them that now I know what to do with the blank pages of a book. It's the story of my journey, and noone can say I've done it wrong. 

Thank you, Ric, and Rach. I don't know if I had told you how much this journal has meant to me.

With all those thoughts in mind, today I wandered around Manchester looking for a new journal. I'm going to Australia next week to work with Australian friends Malarkey as part of Pop-Up Adventure Play, and it's going to be a tour again! It's nowhere as long as last time, but that's okay. I reckon I have found my journaling mojo and it won't be hard to fill the page of this journal up! I'm excited and I don't want to forget about any of it - I've ever been to Australia before! 

It took a long time to find a new replacement journal, but here it is:

Hello new replacement journal! You will be filled with Australia thoughts! :)

I'm sure that this new Australia journal will also be awesome. I'm already looking forward to filling it all with my random thoughts, and scraps and tickets, and then making Morgan smile when I've written something down that we've both forgotten about. I chose the sunny cover for the sunny adventure we're about to have. I'm pretty sure we're not driving around in a camper van, but there will definitely be a lot of travelling to do.

The USA journal isn't actually filled yet, and you know what? I'm thinking of getting some of my photos printed (shock horror!) and sticking them in. It seems fitting somehow. I love that there's only one copy of this book, and you can get it, and touch it, and stick things in. It's very tactile, very rudimentary, and above all, it's mine. You'll have to come round to see it some time. :)

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